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Directly Partner with Thousands of Amazon Sellers - Unlock Opportunities for Up to 60% Commissions on Sales You Generate  


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Easily find the right products for your audience

Browse a diverse range of products to locate what suits your audience. Track every sale generated directly in your Archer portal.

Discover Products

Search and select from a diverse range of Amazon products that align with your audience's interests.

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Connect with Brands 

Build relationships with Amazon brands to access benefits like free product samples and exclusive promo codes.

Create Your Archer Link

Use your Archer account to generate unique Archer links for the products you choose.

Note: Associate links alone are not eligible for Archer commissions.
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Track Performance & Receive Automated Payouts

Monitor the performance of your links in real time and enjoy the convenience of automated monthly payouts.

Earn an average of 18% commission on your sales through Archer.

Maximize your profits - and time

High Average Commission

Earn an average of 18% commission on sales generated through Archer.

Access Trending Products

Easily find and promote trending Amazon products and attractive promotions to your audience.

Instant Access to Products

Gain immediate access to promote products from all brands and sellers on Archer without the need for approvals or negotiations.

Exclusive Promo Codes and Samples

Request and receive exclusive promo codes and product samples from brands.

Extended Attribution Window

Benefit from a 14-day attribution window for all purchases from the brand you’re promoting.

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The skyrocketing effects of Archer Affiliates on a client's portfolio

"In just a month with Archer, our sales jumped up by 10% without any upfront costs. It's been a total game-changer for our brand."

Alicia N. - Fashion

"Ever since we started using Archer, we've shot up to #5 in our category on Amazon. It's amazing to see how bringing in outside traffic can really boost where we show up in searches."

David R. - Home Goods

"Working with influencers used to be a headache. With Archer, it's a breeze. I set things up, and then just watch the sales come in."

Marcus L. - Tech Gadgets
Erez Atomic Growth

I highly recommend working Archers Amazon affiliate program. Working with the portal is a breeze - they took care of everything, and I had very little work to do. Their product knowledge and recommendations were exceptional. Archer's attentive and responsive service made our external Amazon advertising experience seamless. I can confidently say that Archer is a reliable and trustworthy program, and I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Elizabeth Mott

Elizabeth Mott has had a great experience working with the team at Archer Affiliates. It was an easy and clear process of setting up our Amazon listings on the site and being connected with influencers to promote our products and bring in sales. We recommend working with Archer Affiliates to promote your products!

Osher N. Co-Founder, Art Naturals

"Archer Affiliates has been a game-changer for our business, revolutionizing our sales strategy for beauty and pet products. Their extensive selection and cutting-edge affiliate marketing software, especially tailored for the Amazon marketplace, have propelled our sales to new heights. I am immensely grateful for the outstanding support and impact they've had on our growth journey."

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